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About Strayapedia

At a time when even our MPs and senators are undergoing citizenship testing, what the nation needs is answers. Answers to such important questions of national identity as how the Hills Hoist relates to the goon bag, why koalas are ridden with venereal disease despite being one of the laziest animals on the planet, and most crucially of all, which beer sizes apply in which state and territory.

Strayapedia has those answers. Conveniently omitting all areas not relating to Australia, it also provides helpful alternative facts on AC/DC, Aussie rules, Canberra, Kylie Minogue, Bob Hawke, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Ned Kelly, koalas, Shane Warne and Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, among many other certified dinky-di topics.

For anyone considering a run for parliament, or trying to win a trivia night MCed by Cory Bernardi, Strayapedia is as valuable as a tiny apartment in Sydney. Patriotically basted in the goon-filled trough of Australian values, it’s as quintessentially Strayan as bowling your final over underarm, not asking awkward questions about the contents of your meat pie, and naming a swimming pool after Harold Holt.

What they said

‘If I’d read Strayapedia first, I never would have eaten that sausage sideways.’ – Bill Shorten

‘Sorry, I cannot recall reading it.’ – Cardinal George Pell

‘This is a disgusting, defamatory book which unfortunately doesn’t mention me.’ – Rebel Wilson

I wanted to endorse Strayapedia, but my backbench thought otherwise.’ – Malcolm Turnbull

‘Buy this book, unless CBS buys it first.’ – Lachlan Murdoch

‘This book contains wrecking, undermining and sniping.’ – Tony Abbott

‘This book should be covered up at all times.’ – Pauline Hanson

‘I did not appreciate the detailed parodic specificity’ – Kevin Rudd

‘This book made me wish I’d renounced my Australian citizenship instead’ – Barnaby Joyce

‘I have empirical evidence that this book does not exist.’ – Senator* Malcolm Roberts

* at time of writing

About the author

Dominic Knight is one of the founders of The Chaser, and as a writer on most of their projects, he was definitely responsible for all of the jokes you liked and none of the ones you didn’t – and was only arrested once in the process.

In recent years he’s also presented serious programmes on ABC Radio, and the very silly Radio Chaser on Triple M, which will return in 2018. While he swears that he isn’t a dual citizen, he hasn’t actually checked.

Dominic’s patriotism began in the first moments of his life, when he insisted on being born one month premature just so he could enter the world on 26 January. He now believes the date of Australia Day should be changed so that his birthday can be entirely devoted to celebrating him.

Dominic lives in Sydney with his wife, their dog and his enormous collection of Australian flags once used in press conferences by Tony Abbott.